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Anime Japan Hairstyles 5

    gyakuten saiban 4 / ace attorney apollo justice cosplay - garyu kyouya / klavier gavin

    The young and dashing prosecutor of the 4th series (commonly referred to as “Apollo Justice”), Kyouya became a prosecutor at the age of 17. He is also the leader of a rock band known as “The Gavinners”, which is entirely made of people who are in one way or another, connected to law enforcement.

    This is one hot cosplay. 8) I must wear shades… Although I wish the cosplayer would smile a little, since Kyouya is known for his signature smile.

    get backers cosplay - fuchoin kazukiThe scion of the noble Fuchoin family, Kazuki is often mistaken for a girl being that his fighting abilities emphasize on “grace”. His feminine looks come as an advantage to his job as an information seeker, making him one of the most knowledgeable characters in the series. He is often naive when it comes to the people he chooses to associate with, because he trusted Saizou Tofuin and Uryuu Toshiki even after they betrayed him. This undying form of trust is also what makes his true friends stay loyal to him. He uses koto strings as his primary weapon, and is so good that he is given the title “Prince of Fear”.

    Obviously, this is a girl cosplaying Kazuki, but the characters does look and act like a girl anyway. Wonderful cosplay!

    gensomaden saiyuki / journey to the west cosplay - cho hakkaiProbably the most level-headed member of the group, Cho Hakkai is the 4th Member of Genjo Sanzo’s group. He is formerly known as Cho Gonou, a school teacher who loves children and his beloved Kanan. Unfortunately, his life changed significantly when Kanan was kidnapped by the Hyakugenmaoh, a demon tribe.

    He attempted to rescue her and was successful in killing of a thousand yokai (demons), turning himself into a demon as well. However, his rescue ended in failure as Kanan killed herself in front of him, saying that she is no longer worthy of him for carrying the child of a demon within her.

    A sad story, but Hakkai eventually found solace with Sanzo’s party. He’s usually the one who has to make sure everything is in order and that the other members don’t end up killing each other. His demonic self is controlled by the 3 ear bands he wears on his left ear. Once removed, he is said to have enough power to rival Goku’s.

    sakura taisen / sakura wars cosplay - maria tachibanaMaria Tachibana, the original leader of the Hanagumi, is the only one with prior experience of military warfare. Having witnessed her captain and father figure sacrifice himself to save their troop, she became emotionally cold and desired to work alone. This earned her the title of “Kazuar”, which means phoenix in the Russian Revolutionary War.

    Very impressive. I love the details in the uniform and her beautiful hair! All that’s left is her signature weapon, the revolver.

    tekken 5 cosplay - kazama asukaMore commonly known as the cousin of Kazama Jin, Asuka is a brash, arrogant girl who has strong confidence in her fighting abilities. As a young child, she is trained by her father taught her the Kazama-style Traditional Martial Arts. She is a vigilante of sorts, who prefers to stop fights by “knock out”, although in the Play Station 2’s Tekken 5 opening, she’s seen saving a little kitty. She enters the Tekken 5 tournament in order to redeem her dojo and get her revenge.

    Cute cosplayer of Asuka! Really like her hair and outfit. I know a lot of Tekken fans will be pleased.

    yu yu hakusho cosplay - youko kuramaHow many Kurama’s have plagued this blog? I think I may have lost count… Being that he has 2 forms (ok, 3 including his full fox form), and he’s one of the most popular characters in the Yu Yu Hakusho series, I’m not surprised so many cosplayers portrayed him.

    I suppose people will complain about the usage of fake roses as opposed to real ones… But, I don’t think real roses can be arranged to intertwine that way, can it? You have to admit though, the pose and the expression on Youko’s face is absolutely gorgeous. Probably one of my most favorite cosplays of him so far! Nice job!

    saiunkoku monogatari / color cloud palace cosplay - shi ryukiShi Ryuki is the emperor in the series Saiunkoku Monogatari, roughly translated as “Color Cloud Palace”. He is the youngest of 6 brothers and was the most unlikely candidate to become emperor. One could say that he became emperor by default; his 4 brothers ended up killing each for the throne and his beloved Seien, the only who seemed to have cared for him was exiled for treason. This left Ryuki empty and uninterested in politics… That is, until Ko Shurei changed his mind.

    Revealing any more would spoil the anime plot, so let me just say that this is a most impressive cosplay of the young emperor. I also apologize for not updating recently… My blog has been giving me some trouble…

    bleach cosplay - ulquiorra schiffer The quiet, over-analytical arrancar who ranks 4th in the Espada, Ulquiorra is melancholic and seems to be uninterested in unnecessary battles, keeping his hands in his pockets for most of the battle. Like all arrancar, he possesses a “hollow hole”, the place where his spirit chain once was, on his chest. He has a habit of finishing off his opponents by stabbing them in the same area as his hollow hole.

    A very impressive cosplay of Ulquiorra that I found on Flickr. It may look like he’s crying but those are just marks on his face. Not too sure what they’re suppose to mean though.

    rurouni kenshin cosplay - hitokiri battousai

    I’ve featured 3 different cosplayers of Hitokiri Battousai so far (you can see the other two here and here), though this is only the 2nd solo picture I found of him.

    Although this cosplayer is obviously a girl, I really like the way she did her hair. This image reminds me of the time when the war of the Tokugawa era was already finished, and Kenshin decided to wander on his own for 10 years. Call it soul searching if you will.

    Beautiful cosplay. The sword she’s holding looks real too. Great job!

    bleach cosplay - ukitake jushiro A sickly man well loved for his loyalty and sense of personal sense of justice, Ukitake Jushiro is the captain of the 13th division of Gotei 13. He is the eldest son with five brothers and two sisters whom he supports by himself. He rarely plays his role as the captain of the 13th squad and instead had his Lieutenant, Kaien do the work for him under his guidance.

    Sadly, Kaien killed himself in the hands of Rukia, because Kaein didn’t want his possessed body to kill any Shinigami. Since then, the 13th division was never the same again.

    I like long haired bishounens… That’s why this image is so powerful to me. Though I’m thinking this cosplayer is a girl again… How sad…

    saiunkoku monogatari cosplay / color cloud palace cosplay - she seiranThe exiled second brother of the emperor, Shi Ryuki, Shi Seiran, or Prince Seien, is a secretive man who is stubborn and not easily threatened by power. This, as well as his excellent swordsmanship and intellectual superiority made him the “flower” of the royal princes. He and his mother were exiled because his maternal grandfather conspired to make him the next emperor. This plot almost caused him his life, since the other royals who were fighting for the throne sent assassins to kill him.

    Miraculously, he was spared from certain death. He was then taken in by the Ko household and became part of their family. It is because of this kindness that he has devoted his life to protecting the Ko Household, especially the daughter, Ko Shurei.

    It’s so sad that Shurei and Seiran are not a couple. :( I want them to end up together, not Ryuki… But anyway, this is a really nice cosplay of Seiran, even if the cosplayer is a girl. 8)

    lucky star cosplay - izumi konataThe stereotypical otaku (anime lover) character in the series Lucky Star, Izumi Konata is fun loving, athletic girl who prefers her hobbies over studies and sports. Since she needs a lot of money to keep up with the latest anime and manga series, she works part time in a cosplay cafe.

    Parodies of The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi can be seen in this anime while Kona-chan works in the cafe. In one episode, Konata cosplayed Haruhi and danced the signature ending theme song. Ironic, considering Konata and Haruhi have the same seiyuu (voice actress), Hirano Aya, and yet you wouldn’t have noticed if you don’t read the end credits.

    Cute cosplay! She got Kona-chan’s expression perfectly. Even that one strand of hair sticking out on top. Nicely done!

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Anime Japan Hairstyles 5

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Anime Japan Hairstyles 4

    yu yu hakusho cosplay - youko kurama 03I don’t know about you guys, but this image? I feel like I’m looking at the young version of Youko. Somewhere along the lines of, I don’t know, only a few years old? Long before he was known as “The Thief King”.

    Also of note, the cosplayer is obviously female, don’t you think? A very cute one too. Probably the best looking Youko compared to this one with Hiei and the most recent one some people probably still remember.

    I really love the hair and the ears on this cosplay though. The ears look so soft. Great job!

    saiunkoku monogatari / color cloud palace cosplay - shi seiran 02

    Another cosplayer of Shi Seiran, but this time, in his full body armor. He became the official bodyguard of Ko Shuurei as ordered by his majesty, the emperor Shi Ryuki, which is actually his younger brother. Ryuki would want nothing more than to give his palace to his beloved brother, but being he was exiled, doing so may cause another war, something both of them do not want.

    I think this cosplay is more accurate than the first one, although Seiran’s hair color can be interpreted both ways. This is the proper length and style though.

    hirano aya - izumi konata smileIt’s one thing to have a cute cosplayer portrayer the anime character, but how about a cute seiyuu (voice actress) who looks like the cute character?

    This is Hirano Aya, the seiyuu behind Lucky Star’s Izumi Konata. I’m not entirely sure about the story behind this picture, but you can’t deny her smile looks like Konata’s.

    Aya is a voice actress and a J-pop singer in Japan. She has had many roles in TV commercials, visual novels, and of course, several anime series. Hello Kitty fans will also recognize her as the voice behind Emily in the 2007 animation film, Hello Kitty: Apple Forest and the Parallel Town. Aya is also the voice behind Suzumiya Haruhi, whom Konata cosplays as in the series.

    hirano aya - anime version in lucky star All in all, I’d say Aya is pretty famous in the Otaku (anime fans) circle. In Lucky Star, she even made an appearance in the anime itself, shown in the icon on the left. I think the real Aya is a lot cuter though.

    gyakuten saiban 4 / ace attorney apollo justice cosplay - houzuki akane / ema skye The young (and cute) detective of the 4th Gyakuten Saiban Series, Houzuki Akane, also known as Ema Skye, is a scientific investigator in her own right. Sadly, when she returned to Japan after studying abroad, she became a Detective, and assistant to Prosecutor Klavier Gavin. A lot of people identify Ema’s arrival with the sound of her munching on Karintou/ Sanckoos, a type of Japanese snack consisting of fried dough cakes.

    I showed this photo to a friend of mine and she exclaimed, “she doesn’t look real!” I would have to agree on that. This girl must be very cute IRL. It makes me wonder what that Karintou tastes like.

    loveless cosplay - agatsuma soubi and aoyagi ritsukaI’ve received a request to find a male cosplayer of Agatsuma Soubi from Loveless. Sadly, I wasn’t able to find one from my collection or on google, so this will have to do, I guess?

    Aoyagi Ritsuka’s brother, Seimei, died early because of an accident, thus giving Ritsuka amnesia.

    Ritsuka meets Agatsuma Soubi on his first day of school. Soubi claims to be his brother’s “fighter” and because of his death, he was now Ritsuka’s. The world of master and servant and spell fighting is later revealed to Ritsuka as Seimei’s world.

    I won’t divulge further about Loveless since it’s a shonen ai anime. I hear the manga is yaoi too. I prefer to get out of the Sanriotown Moderators’ way. 8)

    sailor moon supers cosplay - helios / pegasusThe Guardian and Priest of Elysion, Helios has different roles in the Sailor Moon Anime and Manga series. The manga shows Helios to be a simple priest who can transport himself between worlds. A curse was placed on him by Nehellenia, forcing him to become part of his favorite horse, Pegasus. He is also portrayed as Chibiusa’s future prince.

    In the anime, however, Helios willingly became Pegasus and lends his power to Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon to attack Lemures. He is also the Guardian of the Golden Crystal; unlike in the manga, where he guards Elysion and not the Golden Crystal directly.

    So pretty. I miss watching Sailor Moon. Perhaps it’s about time I pick it up again…

    ranma 1/2 cosplay - saotome ranma and shampoo

    Saotome Ranma can come across as arrogant, selfish, and a braggart. But he’s actually awkwardly immature. He also has a secret. Because of his training accident back in China, he transforms into a girl when he’s splashed with cold water. He can only turn back into a guy when he’s drenched in hot water.

    Similarly, the Chinese girl on the right named Shampoo becomes a cat when splashed with cold water, and can only return to being a girl when drenched in hot water. She’s in love with the boy Ranma, and once tried to kill the girl Ranma for defeating her in her village’s annual Martial Arts Tournament.

    Ranma 1/2 is such a classic anime… I’m surprised to have still been able to find cosplays of the characters. Cute isn’t it?

    card captor sakura cosplay - li syaoranLi Syaoran is the distant relative of Clow Reed, the creator of the Clow Cards. Because of this, he believes that he is the rightful inheritor of the Clow Cards, not Kinomoto Sakura. Thankfully, Sakura eventually proves herself worthy to Syaoran, who later becomes her ally.

    I’m not sure how the cosplayer looks, but this is a beautiful shot. The green lake looks good on picture, though I’m not sure I’d want to see it in real life. I can’t imagine what moldy lake smells like…

    la corda d'oro cosplay - hino kahoku, hihara kazuki, and yunoki azumaHino Kahoko had never played the violin in her life, until a fairy named Lili gave her a magical violin. This allows her to play any music on the violin for as long as she knows the tune of the piece. This gave her the chance to meet Hihara Kazuki, a who plays the trumpet, and Yunoki Azuma who plays the flute in Seisou Academy.

    I haven’t seen this anime yet, but I heard it was based on a game Kin’iro no Corda and was later adapted into a manga series by Kure Yuki. It’s also commonly known as “La Corda d’oro”. Either way, this is a very nice picture don’t you think?

    yu-gi-oh! cosplay - kaiba setoThe young CEO and major shareholder of the multi-national company, Kaiba Corporation, Seto Kaiba is arrogant and self-centered with very little time for other people aised from himself and his brother. Being a rational man that he is, he does not believe in magic and dismisses any magical encounter as tricks or illusions. Nevertheless, he eventually accepts Yugi’s concept of “The Heart of the Cards” and becomes more compassionate by the end of the series.

    Really beautiful armor for Kaiba. Though I wonder, why is he holding a white rose? Hm…

    EDIT: Thanks to MomoXIII for letting me know this Kaiba is from the PS2 game, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses!

    vampire knight cosplay - ichijou takuma

    A noble vampire who is vice-president of the Night Class, Ichijou Takuma lacks the “dark aura” commonly seen in most vampires, making him seem more human than others. Even though he is close friends with Kuran Kaname, the president and noble pure blood, his grandfather unfortunately has a grudge against Kaname, making Takuma often choose between friendship and family.

    Vampire Knight is an excellent series. So far, the first few episodes are very promising. And this cosplay does it justice.

    inuyasha cosplay - sesshomaruSesshomaru is the older half-brother of Inuyasha. He is a full fledged Inu Yokai (Dog Demon, literal translation), and is usually stoic and hard to read.In the beginning of the series, he is a ruthless enemy of Inuyasha, wanting to take the Tetsusaiga from him, but Sesshomaru soon becomes compassionate towards Jaken, his servant, and Rin, an orphaned human who showed him kindness while he was injured.

    This is a really beautiful cosplay of my favorite yokai of the series! He looks so peaceful, sleeping by the tree. No wonder Rin took a liking to him the moment she saw him.

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Anime Japan Hairstyles 4

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Anime Japan Hairstyles 3

    the legend of zelda cosplay - link and princess zeldaIt would seem that I need to go to more conventions some time this year as I am running out of cosplays to feature. :D

    This one was sent in by a member of Sanriotown. I’m not certain which convention this was from, but I’ve never seen a more convincing cosplay of Link and Princess Zelda. This cosplay is from series’ latest installment, “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” on the Nintendo Wii. Just look at the beautiful details of Link’s shield and Princess Zelda’s armor! It’s absolutely breath-taking! Nice Job!

    This will also be featured in my other blog. :D Thanks for visiting guys!

    loveless cosplay - agatsuma soubiBeloved’s Fighter, Agatsuma Soubi, is a 20 year old art student who used to attend Shichisei Gakuen, a school for fighters. Ritsuka’s brother, Seimei’s true name is Beloved, as Ritsuka’s is Loveless. Under Seimei’s orders, Soubi became Ritsuka’s fighter, despite it being considered taboo. Eventually, Soubi abandoned the name altogether and operated under the name Loveless.

    Wow… this cosplayer looks like he/she jumped out of the Loveless anime or manga. Really love the hair and how it was styled. I think this cosplayer is a girl though, but that doesn’t matter much since Soubi looks like a girl..?

    gyakuten saiban 4 / ace attorney apollo justice - lamiroir / thalassa gramarye / arumajiki yumiWarning: This review has a lot of spoilers for Gyakuten Saiban 4 (Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney). You have been warned!

    A famous singer from Borginia, Lamiroir has a little secret. She has no idea who she really is, and she’s pretending to be “normal” when she’s really… blind. Her assistant and pianist, Machi Tobaye stays close to her and pretends to be the one who is blind in order to avert suspicions from himself. It is later reveled in the series that Lamiroir is actually Arumajiki Yumi (Thalassa Gramarye in the English version), the only daughter of Arumajiki Tensai (Magnifi Gramarye) and the mother of Odoroki Housuke (Apollo Justice) and Naruhodo Minuki (Trucy Wright).

    ouran high school host club cosplay - otori kyouya and suo tamaki

    The Vice President and the President of the Host Club, before the host club ever came to be. This was way back when Tamaki was asking Kyouya about the sights in Japan, since it was Tamaki’s first time to Japan at the time. He lived in France all of his life. And Kyouya, being asked by his father to be friendly towards Tamaki, toured Tamaki around Japan, putting up with his selfish ways.

    I very casual cosplay compared to the first one. It’s nice to see Kyouya so relaxed. He’s always so tense in the anime. Nice shot too! Good choice of location and time of day.

    card captor sakura cosplay - yue

    The second guardian of the Clow Cards, Yue is the judge who determines whether or not the new master Cerberus chooses is worthy to be his master. Just as Cerberus is the Guardian of the Sun, Yue is known as the Guardian of the Moon, and controls the wind and water. He exists as a human in the form of Tsukishiro Yukito, a close friend of Kinomoto Sakura’s brother Touya.

    Alright, alright, obviously he’s missing his wings, but I still find this cosplay to be very impressive. A nice touch with the Clow Cards, really.

    the melancholy of suzumiya haruhi cosplay - suzumiya haruhi

    Suzumiya Haruhi in her cheerleading outfit. I think I like this better than the first one. I can’t remember if she did have a cheerleading episode anymore… It’s been a while since I saw this series.

    I’ve heard there a second season of The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. I wonder if they’re going to juggle the episodes again like they did the first season? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

    spirited away cosplay - ogino chihiro aka sen and nigihayama kohaku nushi aka haku

    A young girl is taken away from the real world and finds herself in the entrance of the Spirit World. Chihiro must find a way out before she forgets who she is completely and becomes trapped in the Spirit World.

    She meets a young boy named Haku who helps her and keeps her from loosing herself to the Spirit World. He is actually the Spirit of the river known as Kohaku, and Chiharu helped him remember his real name and past, freeing him from Yubaba’s curse.

    Adorable isn’t it? Also, I would like to let everyone know that I have a 2nd blog on cosplay, that focuses of awesome cosplayers from the West. Just as an experiment. 8)

    kingdom hearts cosplay - venI found another wonderful cosplay from Several people seem to like Kingdom Hearts a lot and there are a lot of great cosplays of the characters from the game.

    This is apparently Saeru who’s cosplaying. The photographer, Elemental, was the one who shared it. Absolutely breath-ta

    kingdom hearts 2 cosplay - naminé

    Some things can be just too broken to fix. So I’ve decided to make a new blog entirely that’s dedicated to Cosplayers from the West… My Sanriotown Blog will be dedicated to the East, and this will be dedicated to the West. And as a first post, Naminé from Kingdom Hearts II by BeriiShirayuki from Germany. She’s a member and you can visit her page here.

    As per curiosity sake, I’ll be posting a cluster map here, and a site counter to check how many people read this. Looking forward to meeting everyone here.

    yu-gi-oh! cosplay - yami no yugi The nameless pharaoh’s spirit who resides in Mutou Yugi’s body, Atem, more commonly known as “Yami no Yugi” or “Yami” for short, often appears in Yugi’s Duel Monsters battles, either to help him, or to completely take on the battle.

    In ancient times, the young pharaoh sealed the dark magic of the Shadow Games with his own name and soul into the Millennium Puzzle. Yugi’s grandfather found this artifact and Yugi took eight years before he finally solved the puzzle, unlocking the Shadow Games, and Pharaoh Atem’s soul. The pharaoh resides in Yugi’s body, somewhat similar to the reincarnation of Egyptian Priest Seto as Kaiba.

    Interesting hair. I wonder how much hair cement was used on that wig? It can’t be the cosplayer’s real hair, can it?

    mario bros. kids cosplay - mario and luigi

    I found a very cute picture of Mario and Luigi from Idle Chit-Chat. I would guess they’re holding pumpkins because it’s Halloween?

    Mario and Luigi are both plumbers and siblings. They exterminate the pests that come out of the pipes in different worlds/levels.

    Aren’t they cute?

    final fantasy xii cosplay - franA powerful Viera warrior who specializes in long range attacks using her bow and arrows, Fran handles the maintenance of Balthier’s airship, the Strahl. She is the wisest among the cast, a fitting role being her life span is much longer than the rest. She is the eldest of the group, despite her youthful appearance.

    I’ve heard that I’ve been showing too many Asian cosplayers again, a pretty common critique now a days. I guess it’s a lot easier to find Asian cosplayers than Western ones. Admittedly, I am a fan of Asian cosplayers, but I also feature non-Asian ones like this when they catch my attention.

    I apologize if my blog seems biased to some, if not most. It’s really not my intention.

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Anime Japan Hairstyles 3

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Anime Japan Hairstyles 2

    yu yu hakusho cosplay - kurama 04Minamino Shuichi, more commonly known as Kurama, is the human side of the Thief King, Youko. He is analytical, cunning, and very protective over the people he cares about. He is merciless to anyone who poses as a threat and was thought to become the strongest member of the Urameshi group until Yusuke Mazuko lineage awoke. Kurama is also self-sacrificing and therefor recieves the most serious wounds in battle.

    This is one of the older pictures I have in my hard drive. I was surprise to have found it after so long. So which Kurama cosplayers do you prefer among the four: the first, second, third, or this post?

    I can’t decide at all… 8)

    ouran high school host club cosplay - hitachiin hikaru and hitachiin kaoruThe “little devil” types of the Ouran High School Host Club, Hitachiin Hikaru and Hitachiin Kaoru are the twins who show their “forbidden brotherly love” to their customers, do the delight of many girls.

    The brothers are quite an interesting pair who rely on each other through moments of loneliness. They are cynical to the world and they do not trust anyone. This is due to a certain event in their past involving their favorite maid.

    They love playing the “Which is Hikaru?” game that no one ever gets correctly once they mess us each other’s hair styles. The only one who could tell them apart correctly is Fujioka Haruhi.

    I wonder if these cosplayers are twins too? Can anyone guess which is Hikaru?

    Tantei Gakuen Q, also known as Detective School Q, is a story about class Q from the prestigious detective academy, Dan Detective School founded by Dan Morihiko, the most famous detective in Japan.

    tantei gakuen q cosplay - amakusa ryuRyu is an intelligent student who has links with the “murder designers” organization, Pluto. Although he is cold and distant as a child, he is friendly with the students of Class Q, especially Renjo Kyu, the star student.

    I really miss this series. Ryu was my favorite character and the anime didn’t really mention what happened to Ryu and Pluto in the end. Did anyone read the manga? What happened in the ending?

    unknown cosplay 002 - magna carta: the phantom of avalanche cosplay - leonaSo far, no one has a good guess as to where the kids from Unknown Entry 001 comes from. Maybe I should make this a regular feature in my blog. Every Monday, maybe?

    So how about this girl? White dress, long hair, strange looking headdress… Absolutely no idea where she’s from or how accurate the cosplay is.

    Anyone care to give their guess?

    EDIT: Thank you very much to Angel, who’s left her comment in my blog stating that this girl is cosplaying as Empress Leona from Magna Carta: The Phantom of Avalanche. There’s very little info about the character, but she seems to be the antagonist of the game.

    final fantasy x-2 cosplay - rikku 05

    I have a feeling this Rikku maybe the same as this one. Although I’m not all that certain… The costume has a lot of similarities though.

    I found this from Baka Yumii’s Flickr… And since I’ve spoken about Rikku in five separate occasions already, I wouldn’t want to bore you all. But do you think this cosplayer could be the same as the first one I posted?

    last exile cosplay - dio eraclea

    Playful, fearless, and somewhat childish, Dio Eraclea is the younger brother of the most powerful Guild Member, Maestro Delphine Eraclea. His unique Claus Valca’s skills gives him the nickname “Immelmann”, which refers to the the World War I German Ace, Max Immelmann.

    I’ve never even heard of this anime at all, but this is an awesome cosplay shot. Thanks to Olga Dietrich for the photo!

    dogs cosplay - luki and nokiA cute cosplay from the series, Dogs’ Luki and Noki. They are twin assassins, around the age of 10, who have collars around their neck to heal their injuries almost instantly. Each of them have an arm missing, thanks to a “test”done by Professor Eintellson.

    They are quite childish in the methods of killing, thinking that it’s like “playing tag” with their victims until they finally catch them.

    Very cute cosplay. This was taken from Southern California’s Cosplay Gathering in Irvine California. Thanks to Project Cosplay for sharing the photo! You may view the Flickr Account here.

    EDIT: Please welcome Itsuka, the cosplayer behind Luki! The photo would be of her and her sister, but apparently, they're not twins. Aw~

    chobits cosplay - chi / chii 03My third (or fourth?) Chi cosplayer, and this time, it’s Kipi!

    Chi’s real name is actually “Elda” and she is among the Chobit series; a special type of persocom who can “fee” and “fall in love”. Her twin sister, Freya, fell in love with their creator (and father), resulting in her “death” (her heart became so painful that she could no longer move). Elda “took” Freya’s consciousness resulting in her having 2 different persocom personalities existing within her. Even though she had all her memories deleted, both personalities still remained; Freya who remembers everything and Elda who remembers nothing.

    Kipi makes a cute Chi… And that cake looks really good. I want some cake too..! Thanks to Welfsh for sharing this on Flickr!

    Some cosplays are too good (or maybe too cute) to pass up, even though I have no idea where they’re from.

    Take these 2 cute little girls for instance.

    unknown cosplay 001The only clue I have about them is from the source who says:

    These kids were part of a singing / dancing group that performed onstage to promote a new Korean MMO.

    But what game? And who are they?

    So I’m opening up a new category in this blog. The “Unknown” portion will feature several cosplays from which I have no information on. If anyone has any idea, then please feel free to let me know. Then I can edit the entry and add in your information and credit you accordingly.

    Thanks for reading guys! I look forward to your responses. The full version of this picture can be found in Rob Gruhl’s Flickr.

    The child prodigy of the Hyuga Clan who has the ability to replicate the most powerful Gentle Fist attacks by simple observation, Neji is a member of Team Guy who used to believe in in a fatalistic philosophy: one’s destiny is inescapable and weak person will always be weak.

    naruto cosplay - hyuga neji

    Because he is among his clan’s lower house, he is ineligible to learn the Clan’s most secret techniques making him bitter towards the people of the main house. His defeat in a battle with Naruto allows him to see the errors of his philosophy in life and made him fix his estranged relations with the main house, and eventually receiving training from the leader of the main house.

    Awesome cosplay, especially the eyes.

    digimon cosplay - angewomonGatomon’s natural Ultimate Form, Angewomon is known as the female counterpart of Angemon although she is of higher ranks due to her eight wings. She is and angel who resembles a Valkyrie thanks to her winged helmet.

    This image was actually cropped from the original because I wanted to emphasize on the cosplayer. A fuller version of this picture can be found in Ikataplof’s Flickr account.

    Awesome cosplay! Though I can’t help but wonder what the cosplayer really looks like?

    EDIT: Mia left me a message telling me who this cosplayer is. Her name is Uchiha Yurai, and she cosplays a lot! You can view more of her photos in her Deviant Art Account. Thanks, Mia!

    gyakuten saiban 2 cosplay / phoenix wright: ace attorney 2 justice for all cosplay - karuma mei / franziska von karma Last year, on June 16th, there was a “Toys, Hobbies, and Collectibles Convention” in SM Megamall’s Megatrade Hall. An event I missed thanks to work, but I had no idea I missed such a great looking cosplay..!

    Addy is cosplaying Karuma Mei, more commonly known as Franziska Von Karma from the game “Gyakuten Saiban 2″ (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 2 - Justice For All). Mei is the undefeated Prosecutor from Germany who came to Japan in order to defeat Naruhodo Ryuichi and avenge her adoptive brother, Mitsurugi Reiji. Of interesting note, is that in the Japanese version, Mei went to America to study law, not Germany.

    Did I mention she became a prosecutor when she was only 13?

    Lovely cosplay; and this was originally found in Raincontreras’s Flickr account. I wonder what Mei is saying here though? Pr

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Anime Japan Hairstyles

    gyakuten saiban 4 cosplay - mayudzuki daian / apollo justice: ace attorney - daryan crescendThe usually cool and collected detective who specializes in international cases, Mayudzuki Daian, aka Daryan Crescend from Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, is the bass guitarist of The Gavinners and a close friend of Garyu Kyouya’s. He can be pretty sensitive about certain things like his guitar playing; criticizing on which can make him lose his cool and turn into a jerk.

    What can I say? That hair-style is pretty impressive. I doubt that’s actual hair on his head, but it’s pretty accurate to the character. I love his jacket too.

    rozen maiden cosplay - shinkuThis is probably the most unique way to portray Shinku. We’ve had 2 versions so far, but neither of them made Shinku look the way she truly is: a ball jointed doll.

    There was an anime episode wherein Shinku had to have her clothes washed, and this is how she looked until she got her clothes back. I can’t remember it too well anymore, but I want to watch the anime again.

    Now here is a cosplay that I never thought I’d see.

    chobits cosplay - freyaFreya is the first version of the new series of persocoms known as the “Chobit” series. Unlike any other persocom, has the ability to feel emotions, specifically, to love. She was made by Mihara Ichiru to become their “daughter”.

    When Hibiya Chitose, Ichiru’s wife, noticed a change in Freya’s attitude, Chitose asked Ichiru to create a younger sister for her, and she was named “Elda“. Freya was happy for a while, but her true sadness was due to the fact that she had fallen in love… with her own “father”. She knew she could never be together with him, and this caused her so much sorrow that she ceased functioning.

    Aside from the hair? This is a very impressive cosplay. Great job on this! I really like her ears..!

    naruto cosplay - uchiha sasuke and uchiha itachiItachi, the older brother of Sasuke, is the young prodigy of the Uchiha Clan. People looked to him as the future of the Uchiha Clan. This left Sasuke in Itachi’s shadows, craving for the same affection Itachi receives from their parents.

    It was during these times, however, that Itachi loved and cared for his younger brother. He was the only one who acknowledge any hard work and effort Sasuke accomplished.

    Isn’t this cosplay just too cute for words? Too bad we can’t see their faces, but they both looks so cute. Nice photo!

    The mysterious, masked revolutionary who is the leader of the Order of the Black Knights, Zero, the alias Lelouch Lamperouge uses in this guise, wishes to campaign against those who oppress the helpless.

    lelouch of the rebellion cosplay - lelouch lamperouge / zero

    Originally, the rebellion was to seek revenge for his mother’s death, and make a new world for his sister, Nunally. However, as the story progresses, Lelouch’s friends help him realize that the rebellion is no longer just for his sister after she becomes Viceroy of Area 11.

    This is really an awesome cosplay. I wonder what the cosplayer looks like behind the mask?

    evangelion cosplay - ayanami rei 02She is the First (Child) Children, the pilot of Unit 00, and the clone who is a vessel for the Angel Lilith. In the beginning of the series, Ayanami Rei seemed like an emotionless puppet who apparently only had a relationship with Ikari Gendo. However, when she met Shinji, something changes, even though Asuka wants little to do with her.

    It’s been a long time since I featured a cosplay from Evangelion. I love the wig used for this one, it looks so natural. Great work!

    unknown cosplay 006

    Here is another unknown cosplay I’ve yet to figure out. Looking for her information took up some time, but I still came up with nothing. I can’t remember where I got this image from, but it might have been from… Or was it

    Not sure, but whoever knows where this character is from, feel free to comment and/or send me an email.

    And yes, this is the 6th. The 5th one I’d already found out who she is before I posted it as an Unknown. ;)

    EDIT: Thanks you very much to Soyoungim for commenting that this is Gatekeeper Jasmine from Lineage II!

    EDIT again: Thanks to anon for directing me where the image came from! The cosplayer's name is Erika Door!

    bleach cosplay - urahara kisuke“Geta-boshi”, meaning “Mister Hat-and-Clogs” is a generally carefree character who mysteriously appears in the scene of some important event, being the catalyst rather than the one who does the actual work. He can be serious when the situation calls for it, but he rarely intervenes in battles unless extremely necessary.

    It makes me wonder what this cosplayer really looks like behind the fan. Nice cosplay and posing! I especially like his hat. Good job!

    EDIT: Thanks to MelonPlay for letting me know this cosplayer is Scruffy Rebel from!

    gurren lagann cosplay - yoko littner Don’t let her cute looks fool you. Yoko is an extensive wielder of firearms, including the long range sniper rifle she’s holding in the image. She is the mature and rational member of the group, though she badmouths Kamina on occasion.

    Yoko also loves children and is seen as a teacher named “Yomako” by the end of the series.

    Nice pose, and her boots are pretty cute. I had no idea who this was until I searched the internet for more information. Thanks to Cosholics Cafe for the photo!

    air gear cosplay - noyama ringo and simcaShe may look like a simple junior high school girl, but the King Class AT user, Noyamano Ringo, is the current Thorn King (or rather “Queen”) of the Eight Kings in the AT World. She is the successor of the legendary Storm Riders Team Sleeping Forest and Simca’s rival to Minami Itsuki aka “Ikki”.

    And of course, I’ve already rambled about Simca here. No need for a repeat, am I right? :D

    I do think I like this Simca cosplayer better than the first one though. Then again, maybe that’s just because of the costume?

    I first found this on That Girls Site. Thanks for sharing the photo!

    final fanatasy x cosplay - auron This 35-year-old unsent warrior monk for Bevelle whose attack to Yunalesca led to his death, Auron is Tidus‘ Mentor and Yuna’s guardian. He kept his status of being an unsent a secret, although there were a lot of suspicions raised when he refused to enter the farplane at Guadosalam. He was eventually laid to rest when Yu Yevon was finally defeated.

    I can’t believe how accurate this cosplay is! I love the costume’s details and the cosplayer’s attitude. Nice job!

    I am so annoyed that I can’t see the cosplayer’s face here. But for Fay to now show his face is actually very characteristic.

    tsubasa - reservoir chronicle cosplay - fay d. flourite

    Fay is one of Syaoran’s allies. He is happy-go-lucky and carefree, but is very mysterious, in the sense that he seems to have little regard for his own life. He can be very perceptive and is considered to be as skillful as Kurogane. He also often hides his own unhappiness with a fake smile.

    I’ve been wondering if I should post this or not when I found it on Flickr. Mainly because I seldom feature cosplayers who don’t show their face, give or take a few. I still find this pretty, though!

    EDIT: Thanks to MelonPlay for letting me know the cosplayer's name is Naraku from!


    loveless cosplay - aoyagi seimeiThe mysterious older brother of Aoyagi Ritsuka, Seimei’s personality has a lot of different interpretations canonically. To Soubi, who serves as his fighter, Seimei is kind and gentle; to the members of Nanatsu no tsuki, Beloved was cruel and sadistic. Ritsuka could only remember him as the one who protected him from their abusive mother.

    What could Seimei be really like? Since the manga is still on going, there’s no real info about him yet. But there was one thing that was apparently confirmed: Seimei is still alive, and the person who died in his place was only identified by his dental records.

    I wasn’t too sure if this was Ritsuka or Seimei, but his hair is long enough to be Seimei’s I think. The cat ears are really cute too, don’t you think?

    No Unknown Cosplays for this week, guys. I found out who she’s cosplaying as!

    fatal shadows cosplay - ayame

    An orphan raised and trained by Master Shiunsai, Ayame (once called “Omon”) posses natural, raw talent as a kunoichi. She never had the patience to master techniques as a child, but she was initiated into the circle of ninja at the age of 14. Ayame is known for her skills with blades, caustic tongue, and speed.

    I first thought she was an assassin from Ragnarok, but I was wrong. The symbols on her white belt are definitely from Techu’s 4th Game. The blades of those swords look very sharp. I wonder if they’re real?

    final fantasy vii 7 advent children cosplay - cloude strife

    Having been affected by the Geostigma, Cloud hides his left arm where the symptoms have been appearing. The Geostigma brings back painful memories and regret, making Cloud feel unworthy to protect his new family. But with the Sephiroth’s genetic trio emerging (Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo), Cloud must take up his sword once more to keep the children safe.

    Most people will agree with me that the swords are just as or more impressive than the cosplay. Great work! Thanks for sharing the picture, Monk!

    the world ends with you cosplay - sakuraba neku

    From one of the popular games in NDS, “The World Ends With You” comes Sakuraba Neku. He is a quiet boy who prefers to listen to his music than interact with other people. But Neku is no ordinary teenage boy, he has a strong imagination that allows him to use “psychic pins”.

    The picture is a little over-exposed, but it’s convincingly Neku. I love the hair and the headphones..! No wonder his nickname is “Phones”. Good job!

    naruto cosplay - uzumaki naruto

    Since I didn’t number the other Naruto cosplays I had up, I didn’t know that I already have 4 Uzumaki Naruto Cosplayers, and this makes the 5th one.

    This is also one of the popular cosplays I found on the Internet, namely in Photobucket. You’ve got to love the snowy background on this one too. Although I think it was Photoshop-ed. I can’t tell for certain though.

    Either way, beautiful cosplay. Which one did you like best? One, two, three, four, or five?

    WARNING: This featured cosplay contains spoilers (mostly to the anime fans of Bleach and not the manga enthusiasts). You have been warned. 8)

    bleach cosplay - neliel tu oderschvank / nell Previously the third Espada of Aizen Sosuke’s Army, Neliel Tu Oderschvank (a.k.a. “Nell” or “Nel Tu” lost her memories and changed into a child-like form when Nnoitra Jiruga snuck up on her and attacked her. She was expelled from the Espada and she wandered about Hueco Mundo with her companions Pesche Guatiche, Dondonchakka Bilstin, and Bawabawa believing the shinigami (death gods / soul reapers) are the ones that are evil, not the hollows.

    This is a very impressive cosplay of the adult Nel. Hopefully, My warning was enough to keep the Bleach anime fans away… People who read the manga most probably know a lot about this already.

    I literally did a double take when I found this cosplay:

    gyakuten saiban 2 / phoenix wright: ace attorney - justice for all - hanaka nodoko / ini mineyPeople who’ve played Gyakuten Saiban 2, aka Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All, will remember how annoying this character was. She seemed like an air head who spent most of her time sleeping and not knowing much about what was going on.

    Or so it may seem.

    Of course, as usual, I won’t spoil the game play for anyone. It really is a great game, and you guys should pick it up some time.

    Nice job on this cosplay! She was apparently found in this year’s Sakura Con. I attended that convention way back in 2004, I should go again some time. You can find the original here.

    resident evil cosplay - rebecca chambersThe rookie member of the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team, Rebecca Chambers makes her first appearance in the original Resident Evil game as the person in charge of the rear security and team medic. She is one of the main protagonists in Resident Evil Zero who investigates the murders within the Arklay Mountains.

    And of course, revealing any more information would spoil the game play. ;)

    Pretty accurate cosplay of Rebecca. Her green eyes really stand out. I found this from another blog called That Girls Site. You can find the original post here. Thanks for sharing the photo!

    unknown cosplay 004 - bleach cosplay - kuchiki rukia 05Arguably, there are a lot of random Japanese schoolgirl cosplays. It’s hard to keep track of which series wears which uniform, and sometimes, they’re not even cosplaying at all.

    tekken 5 cosplay - ling xiaoyuWhen the 4th Tekken Tournament ended, Ling Xiaoyu was rescued by Yoshimitsu. He then tells her the history behind the Mishima family. Because she cares a lot for Kazuya, Xiaoyu made it her personal mission to save him from his family tragedy.

    With dramatic, and somewhat humorous results. 8)

    This is actually Xiaoyu’s special panda costume that you can unlock in the game. Do you guys like the school uniform better than this?

    And so I came upon this girl.

    At first glance, I thought she was Kuchiki Rukia from Bleach. The hair is similar and so is the uniform if you don’t have the gray jacket. But then the hair would be wrong, so is the red ribbon tie, and the color of the skirt, so maybe she’s cosplaying someone else entirely.

    Is she even cosplaying? Help me out here guys.

    EDIT: As there have been several comments saying she is cosplaying Kuchiki Rukia from Bleach, I think it's about time I add her to the Bleach category. Thanks to everyone for the comments!

    EDIT2: Thanks to anon for commenting that this is Teru from Dengeki Daisy.

    With the rumors (or are they real news?) of the potential Live Action Dragon Ball Z Movie, I thought I’d go find some images of some cosplays of the series.

    dragon ball z cosplay - trunks

    Trunks is the son of the Saiyan Prince, Vegeta and Bulma. When he was a child, he easily won the kids division of the Tenkaichi Budokai tournament, easily defeating Son Goku’s youngest son, Son Goten. Trunks and Son Goten eventually learn a powerful technique that allows them to fuse together into Gotenks.

    This is a pretty impressive Trunks. Love the purple hair, good job!

    prince of tennis cosplay - tezuka kunimitsuI had forgotten that today was the beginning of the Beijing Olympics 2008.

    As a celebration, how about a double feature? This time, from a sports theme anime, namely, The Prince of Tennis.

    Tezuka is the captain of the Tennis Team of Seishun Academy. He is always serious, strict, and never smiles. He does not tolerate any kind of cheating and punishes anyone and everyone for doing so. Because of this, Tezuka is often mistaken to be older than his age, particularly, his team’s teacher instead of a fellow student.

    I have a hard time telling whether this cosplayer’s a girl or a boy. Nevertheless, it’s a pretty accurate cosplay. Good luck to all the Beijing Olympics Participants!

    EDIT: Thanks to anon for letting me know the cosplayer is Zephyus!

    loveless cosplay - zero - sagan natsuo and sagan youji

    Blunt, cold, and literally without feelings, Sagan Natsuo and Youji are the 2nd Generation Zero Pair of Sagan Nagisa’s experiments. The same with Soubi and Ritsuka, Natsuo, the one with the eye patch is the fighter of the two while Youji is the sacrifice.

    It’s quite obvious that Nagisa prefers Youji over Natsuo. Youji explains that it’s because he resembles Nagisa’s younger sister.

    This is a pretty popular cosplay picture on the Internet. I hadn’t been able to figure out who they were until recently. Youji kinda looks like a young Youko Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho, doesn’t he?

    kin'iro no corda / la corda d'oro - hino kahoko

    A sweet girl who loves sweet things, Kahoko has never touched a violin in her life… Until she met a “music fairy” named Lili and grants her a magic violin which can play any song she wants. Kahoko’s life soon changes with the meeting of several musically talented boys, her love for music growing each passing day.

    Kahoko’s not wearing her usual school uniform in this cosplay. I haven’t seen the anime yet, but I’d say this is a performance in her school. I love her hairstyle too!

    sailor moon cosplay - princess serenityThe headstrong daughter of Silver Millennium’s Queen who bares the same name, Princess Serenity often explored the earth to admire its greenery even though it was forbidden. There, she met and fell in love with the Crown Prince of the Earth, Prince Endymion.

    In the manga, when Queen Materia attacked the Moon Kingdom, Prince Endymion died protecting Princess Serenity, and she committed suicide in her grief. In the anime, however, they were both killed, and later resurrected on the Earth in the coming 20th Century.

    I actually find the use of yellow eye shadow most interesting in this cosplay. Quite a rival for Usagi’s cosplay, don’t you think?

    loveless cosplay - agatsuma soubi and dear daniel

    So apparently, Soubi’s trying to feed Dear Daniel some congee. Why that is, I have no idea. Doesn’t Soubi know that Dear Daniel doesn’t even have a mouth? And he really looks like he doesn’t want any.

    I think this cosplay is both impressive and funny. Something that will interest a lot of Sanriotown Members, haha~! 8) Do you like this cosplayer better than the other two?

    unknown cosplay 003 - french maidPerhaps I should find less generic looking cosplays for this guessing game.

    Either way, I really like this cosplayer, if she’s actually cosplaying at all. I get the feeling she may be one of those maids from the Maid Cafes in Japan.

    You have to admit she’s pretty cute though. So, are there any anime series that comes to mind when you look at her?

    berserk cosplay - gutsThis is the Berserker’s Armor, an ancient and cursed suit of armor that increases the wearer’s physical and mental capabilities increasing his fighting strength for a price: the armor damages its wearer’s body and allows the wearer’s inner beast to take over and attack everyone in the area, may they be friend or foe.

    I had no idea who or what this was, but my office mate saw this image and told me all about it. Apparently, when Guts takes off the armor, he’s filled with scars from the armor’s attempt to “eat” the user and physically damage him, which I really find… disturbing.

    final fantasy x-2 cosplay - yunaI can’t believe, of all the Yuna’s I’ve featured in this blog, I’ve never featured a Final Fantasy X-2 version of her yet!

    Yuna is the leader of the infamous Japanese craze, YRP or “YuRiPa” as one would call it. The events in X-2 occurs after Final Fantasy X and Yuna becomes a gunner and a sphere hunter. She joins Gullwings with the hopes of learning more about the sphere keeping a young man resembling Tidus prison.

    I think I prefer the younger Yuna from Final Fantasy X than this one. I’m not entirely sure why. But this seems to be the more popular Yuna of the two. Nice cosplaying!

    sakura taisen / sakura wars cosplay - leni milchstraße Leni Milchstraße is the 15-year-old German girl who was part of the project “wunderkind” to create high spirit powered children. She is distant and tomboyish, causing most of the members of Hanagumi to first think she is a boy. She is a gifted ballerina who is named after Leni Riefenstahl, a famous German filmmaker known for his work, “Triumph of the Will”.

    Cute cosplay, probably from the same group as Maria Tachibana’s. I wish I could have seen more of Leni in the series. Her developing friendship with Iris is quite interesting.

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