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Anime Japan Hairstyles 5

    gyakuten saiban 4 / ace attorney apollo justice cosplay - garyu kyouya / klavier gavin

    The young and dashing prosecutor of the 4th series (commonly referred to as “Apollo Justice”), Kyouya became a prosecutor at the age of 17. He is also the leader of a rock band known as “The Gavinners”, which is entirely made of people who are in one way or another, connected to law enforcement.

    This is one hot cosplay. 8) I must wear shades… Although I wish the cosplayer would smile a little, since Kyouya is known for his signature smile.

    get backers cosplay - fuchoin kazukiThe scion of the noble Fuchoin family, Kazuki is often mistaken for a girl being that his fighting abilities emphasize on “grace”. His feminine looks come as an advantage to his job as an information seeker, making him one of the most knowledgeable characters in the series. He is often naive when it comes to the people he chooses to associate with, because he trusted Saizou Tofuin and Uryuu Toshiki even after they betrayed him. This undying form of trust is also what makes his true friends stay loyal to him. He uses koto strings as his primary weapon, and is so good that he is given the title “Prince of Fear”.

    Obviously, this is a girl cosplaying Kazuki, but the characters does look and act like a girl anyway. Wonderful cosplay!

    gensomaden saiyuki / journey to the west cosplay - cho hakkaiProbably the most level-headed member of the group, Cho Hakkai is the 4th Member of Genjo Sanzo’s group. He is formerly known as Cho Gonou, a school teacher who loves children and his beloved Kanan. Unfortunately, his life changed significantly when Kanan was kidnapped by the Hyakugenmaoh, a demon tribe.

    He attempted to rescue her and was successful in killing of a thousand yokai (demons), turning himself into a demon as well. However, his rescue ended in failure as Kanan killed herself in front of him, saying that she is no longer worthy of him for carrying the child of a demon within her.

    A sad story, but Hakkai eventually found solace with Sanzo’s party. He’s usually the one who has to make sure everything is in order and that the other members don’t end up killing each other. His demonic self is controlled by the 3 ear bands he wears on his left ear. Once removed, he is said to have enough power to rival Goku’s.

    sakura taisen / sakura wars cosplay - maria tachibanaMaria Tachibana, the original leader of the Hanagumi, is the only one with prior experience of military warfare. Having witnessed her captain and father figure sacrifice himself to save their troop, she became emotionally cold and desired to work alone. This earned her the title of “Kazuar”, which means phoenix in the Russian Revolutionary War.

    Very impressive. I love the details in the uniform and her beautiful hair! All that’s left is her signature weapon, the revolver.

    tekken 5 cosplay - kazama asukaMore commonly known as the cousin of Kazama Jin, Asuka is a brash, arrogant girl who has strong confidence in her fighting abilities. As a young child, she is trained by her father taught her the Kazama-style Traditional Martial Arts. She is a vigilante of sorts, who prefers to stop fights by “knock out”, although in the Play Station 2’s Tekken 5 opening, she’s seen saving a little kitty. She enters the Tekken 5 tournament in order to redeem her dojo and get her revenge.

    Cute cosplayer of Asuka! Really like her hair and outfit. I know a lot of Tekken fans will be pleased.

    yu yu hakusho cosplay - youko kuramaHow many Kurama’s have plagued this blog? I think I may have lost count… Being that he has 2 forms (ok, 3 including his full fox form), and he’s one of the most popular characters in the Yu Yu Hakusho series, I’m not surprised so many cosplayers portrayed him.

    I suppose people will complain about the usage of fake roses as opposed to real ones… But, I don’t think real roses can be arranged to intertwine that way, can it? You have to admit though, the pose and the expression on Youko’s face is absolutely gorgeous. Probably one of my most favorite cosplays of him so far! Nice job!

    saiunkoku monogatari / color cloud palace cosplay - shi ryukiShi Ryuki is the emperor in the series Saiunkoku Monogatari, roughly translated as “Color Cloud Palace”. He is the youngest of 6 brothers and was the most unlikely candidate to become emperor. One could say that he became emperor by default; his 4 brothers ended up killing each for the throne and his beloved Seien, the only who seemed to have cared for him was exiled for treason. This left Ryuki empty and uninterested in politics… That is, until Ko Shurei changed his mind.

    Revealing any more would spoil the anime plot, so let me just say that this is a most impressive cosplay of the young emperor. I also apologize for not updating recently… My blog has been giving me some trouble…

    bleach cosplay - ulquiorra schiffer The quiet, over-analytical arrancar who ranks 4th in the Espada, Ulquiorra is melancholic and seems to be uninterested in unnecessary battles, keeping his hands in his pockets for most of the battle. Like all arrancar, he possesses a “hollow hole”, the place where his spirit chain once was, on his chest. He has a habit of finishing off his opponents by stabbing them in the same area as his hollow hole.

    A very impressive cosplay of Ulquiorra that I found on Flickr. It may look like he’s crying but those are just marks on his face. Not too sure what they’re suppose to mean though.

    rurouni kenshin cosplay - hitokiri battousai

    I’ve featured 3 different cosplayers of Hitokiri Battousai so far (you can see the other two here and here), though this is only the 2nd solo picture I found of him.

    Although this cosplayer is obviously a girl, I really like the way she did her hair. This image reminds me of the time when the war of the Tokugawa era was already finished, and Kenshin decided to wander on his own for 10 years. Call it soul searching if you will.

    Beautiful cosplay. The sword she’s holding looks real too. Great job!

    bleach cosplay - ukitake jushiro A sickly man well loved for his loyalty and sense of personal sense of justice, Ukitake Jushiro is the captain of the 13th division of Gotei 13. He is the eldest son with five brothers and two sisters whom he supports by himself. He rarely plays his role as the captain of the 13th squad and instead had his Lieutenant, Kaien do the work for him under his guidance.

    Sadly, Kaien killed himself in the hands of Rukia, because Kaein didn’t want his possessed body to kill any Shinigami. Since then, the 13th division was never the same again.

    I like long haired bishounens… That’s why this image is so powerful to me. Though I’m thinking this cosplayer is a girl again… How sad…

    saiunkoku monogatari cosplay / color cloud palace cosplay - she seiranThe exiled second brother of the emperor, Shi Ryuki, Shi Seiran, or Prince Seien, is a secretive man who is stubborn and not easily threatened by power. This, as well as his excellent swordsmanship and intellectual superiority made him the “flower” of the royal princes. He and his mother were exiled because his maternal grandfather conspired to make him the next emperor. This plot almost caused him his life, since the other royals who were fighting for the throne sent assassins to kill him.

    Miraculously, he was spared from certain death. He was then taken in by the Ko household and became part of their family. It is because of this kindness that he has devoted his life to protecting the Ko Household, especially the daughter, Ko Shurei.

    It’s so sad that Shurei and Seiran are not a couple. :( I want them to end up together, not Ryuki… But anyway, this is a really nice cosplay of Seiran, even if the cosplayer is a girl. 8)

    lucky star cosplay - izumi konataThe stereotypical otaku (anime lover) character in the series Lucky Star, Izumi Konata is fun loving, athletic girl who prefers her hobbies over studies and sports. Since she needs a lot of money to keep up with the latest anime and manga series, she works part time in a cosplay cafe.

    Parodies of The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi can be seen in this anime while Kona-chan works in the cafe. In one episode, Konata cosplayed Haruhi and danced the signature ending theme song. Ironic, considering Konata and Haruhi have the same seiyuu (voice actress), Hirano Aya, and yet you wouldn’t have noticed if you don’t read the end credits.

    Cute cosplay! She got Kona-chan’s expression perfectly. Even that one strand of hair sticking out on top. Nicely done!

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