Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wedding Hairstyles for 2011

    Everything needs to be perfect; from her whole wedding ensemble down to the tiniest detail in her wedding reception. Wedding styles tip

    # 1: Daytime or evening wedding?

    Curls are perfect for a romantic look and are good for short hair with all-over curls, or a long mane with cascading curls. However, rules of wedding hairstyles change when it comes to a night time event. Updos are 
    perfect for all weddings especially if the bride wants to showcase her shoulders and neck. Wedding styles tip 

    # 2: Wedding gown first, hairstyle second.

    Wedding hairstyles should complement the gown. Certain shapes and fit of gowns go with specific hairstyles. For instance, fitted gowns call for elegant and smooth hairstyles whereas flowing long gowns are better suited for softer ones. Fabrics are also helpful in determining the right hairstyle. Light fabrics will complement wispy curls and textured hair whereas heavy fabrics demand structured barrel curls or smooth hair. Notice how a chiffon wedding dress looks very beautiful when the bride wears a loose pouf in the back?

    Wedding styles tip

    # 3: Bridal fairs, bridal flairs!

    Bridal magazines are rich sources of information. Final note for all the brides: bring the wedding gown when it is time to visit your stylist.

    Executive Summary  By Melanie Libatique 

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Wedding Hairstyles for 2011

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