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Anime Japan Hairstyles 3

    the legend of zelda cosplay - link and princess zeldaIt would seem that I need to go to more conventions some time this year as I am running out of cosplays to feature. :D

    This one was sent in by a member of Sanriotown. I’m not certain which convention this was from, but I’ve never seen a more convincing cosplay of Link and Princess Zelda. This cosplay is from series’ latest installment, “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” on the Nintendo Wii. Just look at the beautiful details of Link’s shield and Princess Zelda’s armor! It’s absolutely breath-taking! Nice Job!

    This will also be featured in my other blog. :D Thanks for visiting guys!

    loveless cosplay - agatsuma soubiBeloved’s Fighter, Agatsuma Soubi, is a 20 year old art student who used to attend Shichisei Gakuen, a school for fighters. Ritsuka’s brother, Seimei’s true name is Beloved, as Ritsuka’s is Loveless. Under Seimei’s orders, Soubi became Ritsuka’s fighter, despite it being considered taboo. Eventually, Soubi abandoned the name altogether and operated under the name Loveless.

    Wow… this cosplayer looks like he/she jumped out of the Loveless anime or manga. Really love the hair and how it was styled. I think this cosplayer is a girl though, but that doesn’t matter much since Soubi looks like a girl..?

    gyakuten saiban 4 / ace attorney apollo justice - lamiroir / thalassa gramarye / arumajiki yumiWarning: This review has a lot of spoilers for Gyakuten Saiban 4 (Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney). You have been warned!

    A famous singer from Borginia, Lamiroir has a little secret. She has no idea who she really is, and she’s pretending to be “normal” when she’s really… blind. Her assistant and pianist, Machi Tobaye stays close to her and pretends to be the one who is blind in order to avert suspicions from himself. It is later reveled in the series that Lamiroir is actually Arumajiki Yumi (Thalassa Gramarye in the English version), the only daughter of Arumajiki Tensai (Magnifi Gramarye) and the mother of Odoroki Housuke (Apollo Justice) and Naruhodo Minuki (Trucy Wright).

    ouran high school host club cosplay - otori kyouya and suo tamaki

    The Vice President and the President of the Host Club, before the host club ever came to be. This was way back when Tamaki was asking Kyouya about the sights in Japan, since it was Tamaki’s first time to Japan at the time. He lived in France all of his life. And Kyouya, being asked by his father to be friendly towards Tamaki, toured Tamaki around Japan, putting up with his selfish ways.

    I very casual cosplay compared to the first one. It’s nice to see Kyouya so relaxed. He’s always so tense in the anime. Nice shot too! Good choice of location and time of day.

    card captor sakura cosplay - yue

    The second guardian of the Clow Cards, Yue is the judge who determines whether or not the new master Cerberus chooses is worthy to be his master. Just as Cerberus is the Guardian of the Sun, Yue is known as the Guardian of the Moon, and controls the wind and water. He exists as a human in the form of Tsukishiro Yukito, a close friend of Kinomoto Sakura’s brother Touya.

    Alright, alright, obviously he’s missing his wings, but I still find this cosplay to be very impressive. A nice touch with the Clow Cards, really.

    the melancholy of suzumiya haruhi cosplay - suzumiya haruhi

    Suzumiya Haruhi in her cheerleading outfit. I think I like this better than the first one. I can’t remember if she did have a cheerleading episode anymore… It’s been a while since I saw this series.

    I’ve heard there a second season of The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. I wonder if they’re going to juggle the episodes again like they did the first season? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

    spirited away cosplay - ogino chihiro aka sen and nigihayama kohaku nushi aka haku

    A young girl is taken away from the real world and finds herself in the entrance of the Spirit World. Chihiro must find a way out before she forgets who she is completely and becomes trapped in the Spirit World.

    She meets a young boy named Haku who helps her and keeps her from loosing herself to the Spirit World. He is actually the Spirit of the river known as Kohaku, and Chiharu helped him remember his real name and past, freeing him from Yubaba’s curse.

    Adorable isn’t it? Also, I would like to let everyone know that I have a 2nd blog on cosplay, that focuses of awesome cosplayers from the West. Just as an experiment. 8)

    kingdom hearts cosplay - venI found another wonderful cosplay from Several people seem to like Kingdom Hearts a lot and there are a lot of great cosplays of the characters from the game.

    This is apparently Saeru who’s cosplaying. The photographer, Elemental, was the one who shared it. Absolutely breath-ta

    kingdom hearts 2 cosplay - naminé

    Some things can be just too broken to fix. So I’ve decided to make a new blog entirely that’s dedicated to Cosplayers from the West… My Sanriotown Blog will be dedicated to the East, and this will be dedicated to the West. And as a first post, NaminĂ© from Kingdom Hearts II by BeriiShirayuki from Germany. She’s a member and you can visit her page here.

    As per curiosity sake, I’ll be posting a cluster map here, and a site counter to check how many people read this. Looking forward to meeting everyone here.

    yu-gi-oh! cosplay - yami no yugi The nameless pharaoh’s spirit who resides in Mutou Yugi’s body, Atem, more commonly known as “Yami no Yugi” or “Yami” for short, often appears in Yugi’s Duel Monsters battles, either to help him, or to completely take on the battle.

    In ancient times, the young pharaoh sealed the dark magic of the Shadow Games with his own name and soul into the Millennium Puzzle. Yugi’s grandfather found this artifact and Yugi took eight years before he finally solved the puzzle, unlocking the Shadow Games, and Pharaoh Atem’s soul. The pharaoh resides in Yugi’s body, somewhat similar to the reincarnation of Egyptian Priest Seto as Kaiba.

    Interesting hair. I wonder how much hair cement was used on that wig? It can’t be the cosplayer’s real hair, can it?

    mario bros. kids cosplay - mario and luigi

    I found a very cute picture of Mario and Luigi from Idle Chit-Chat. I would guess they’re holding pumpkins because it’s Halloween?

    Mario and Luigi are both plumbers and siblings. They exterminate the pests that come out of the pipes in different worlds/levels.

    Aren’t they cute?

    final fantasy xii cosplay - franA powerful Viera warrior who specializes in long range attacks using her bow and arrows, Fran handles the maintenance of Balthier’s airship, the Strahl. She is the wisest among the cast, a fitting role being her life span is much longer than the rest. She is the eldest of the group, despite her youthful appearance.

    I’ve heard that I’ve been showing too many Asian cosplayers again, a pretty common critique now a days. I guess it’s a lot easier to find Asian cosplayers than Western ones. Admittedly, I am a fan of Asian cosplayers, but I also feature non-Asian ones like this when they catch my attention.

    I apologize if my blog seems biased to some, if not most. It’s really not my intention.

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