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    Top 7 Wedding Hairstyles For 2010

    The crowning glory of every woman is their hair. The styles, embellishments and length all play an important role when it is time to do her wedding hairstyle. This year, the hairstyles that top the charts are classic yet modern, simply to accommodate the ever-changing trend each year. And a bride will do everything to get a great and glamorous hairdo on her special day not just to wow her groom but also to feel confident.

    For the year 2010, many women are growing their hair long and applying various hairstyles to fit their tastes. Same goes for many would-be brides because most of them find it easier to style longer hair than short hair.

    So for this year, here are the top 7 wedding hairstyles that you can choose from to show-off your crowning glory:

    (1) Curly wedding hairstyle There are a variety of curly hairstyles that can be done to the bride's hair. Whether it is long, up to half of her back, or short just above her shoulders, she can have curly hairstyle that can fit her hair's length. For longer hair, bigger and more curls can be made compared to shorter hair.Head pieces such as headbands, feather clips, pearls and flowers can accentuate the overall style. Most often, a curly hairstyle is loose instead of tied in a ponytail. So check the best style for your hair and choose the best accessories that can add glamour.
    (2) Up do for long hair,As mentioned earlier, many women are preparing their hair for the much awaited event of their lives. If you are one of them, by now your locks are longer and ready for hairstyling. One of the trends for up dos is applying bouffant to volumize the hair at the back. Another is if you have bangs, you can have a clean bouffant and bangs at the same time. This will depend if your hairstylist will want to use both, so it's important that the style will fit your overall look.
    (3) Semi up do for long hair,Some brides love the semi up do with bouffant. This has become a trend in the recent years as many women still want the length of their hair flowing freely for a dramatic look. The free-flowing hair can either be curled or just left straight.
    (4) Ponytail,Some brides prefer simple and yet elegant hairstyles such as the ponytail. You can tell your hairstylist to accentuate the ponytail with flowers or gorgeous hair clips. The loose hair can be curled or straight, whichever will suit your overall look.
    Other brides add bouffant with ponytail, while some just prefer the simpler version of a clean and combed ponytail. Other brides with bangs can apply either the simple or with neat bouffant for more hair volume.
    (5) Side ponytail,Here's a version of the regular ponytail that some brides are opting for. A regular ponytail can be more dramatic and stylish when tied on one side and accentuated with a barrette, flowers or other hair accessories. This can be applied to long hair as well as to shoulder-length hair. The idea is to add some style and accents to further beautify the hairstyle.
    (6) Short and sweet hairstyle Who says short hair cannot be styled on her wedding day? Short hair can be curled and styled according to the cut of the hair. If it is too short, it is best to use hair accents such as hair clips, small flowers and accessories to add a touch of elegance.
    (7) Avante garde wedding hairstyle,There are some brides who prefer non-traditional hairstyles for their weddings. The avante garde style for brides may have some touch of tradition and yet they are uniquely different. The contrast could be from the hair color to the choice of headpieces or to overall look of the hair.

    This is a daring hairstyle and not every woman can pull it off. There were some female celebrities who opted for avante garde hairstyles during their weddings, and it takes enough confidence a good hairstylist in order for this hairstyle to bring out the best in you.

    Choosing the best hairstyle for your wedding day may be stressful, but it shouldn't be. It is advisable that you talk to your hairstylist so you can try various styles and see what will make you more gorgeous. And remember that it's not always dependent on the length of your hair, but how the style will fit you and how it can make you prettier on your special day.

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    Season of weddings is here. All are looking forward to the Royal Wedding to be held on 29 April. All would like to look trendy and glamorous on the wedding. Following are the ten most appealing hair styles of celebrities that can give a different look at wedding ceremonies. Choose the one that appeal to you most.

    1. Carrie Underwood

    Suitable for every face shape is Carrie Underwood's style of loosely curled. It also gives a soft romantic vibe from the bride.

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    2. Ashley Greene

    If you have long hair, give them loose waves and then swept back-front layers. This beautiful style of Ashley Greene gives a real romantic look.

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    3. Rachel McAdams

    The towering hair style of Rachel McAdams' is best to be made on your wedding, and it will assure that everyone's focus is on you.

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    4. Kim Kardashian

    If your wedding dress is a form-fitting mermaid or trumpet skirt then the retro hair style of Kim Kardashian will be most suitable.

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    5. Gabrielle Union

    Gabrielle Union's face-framing curls tossed upward on the top with side part give extra volume to your hair.

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    6. Lauren Conrad

    The loose side chignon of Lauren Conrad is another beautiful hairstyle for weddings.

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    7. Keri Russell

    Curly hair bride is not necessary to straighten her bounce. Get Keri Russell's usual side chignon along with her white flower.

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    8. Kirsten Dunst

    Have short hair? Try Kristen Dunst style of deep side part and then loose curls.

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    9. Heidi Klum

    The side swept hair style of Heidi Klum is able to accommodate any type of veil and hair accessory for bride's reception.

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    10. Sandra Bullock

    Sandra Bullock's low side bun hairstyle looks gorgeous for weddings. Leave few of wavy pieces of hair casually falling out of your low side bun.

    top ten hairstyles for weddings

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