Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Guys Hairstyle

    There is a lot of guys around me everyday and I feel so bored of all the hair problems no matter in hair care, hair style nor hair cut... Gosh~

    Don't you guys want to look like them with a very simple, easy and nice hairstyle?

    So, please don't be that lazy if you wanted to look nice. Is that mean that guys who using all this hair care is consider sissy? Who say? Guys hair styling is not as complicated as girls so why not just spend some 10 minutes to style your hair before to a party or events?

    First of all, I would like to know is how long did you guys wash your hair? Gosh~ I was wondering this question because I notice that some guys don't really wash their hair often... The bad thing is they dare to say their hair is smooth and soft. WTF!!! I no need to ask, no need to smell or no need to touch I already know that the hair is like wire... Is that washing hair takes you a very long time? Hm~~~

    Well, let me guide you guys in how to maintain your hair in smooth and soft condition...
    1. Wash your hair daily or 2 days once.
    2. If your hair is style with gel, wax, hair foam or hairspray, wash your hair with some normal shampoo. (For those who does not use any hair styling product may skip this step)
    3. Wash your hair with some professional hair care shampoo like Rejoice, Sunsilk, Pantene, Dove, L'oreal, TRESemme, etc.
    4. Massage your hair with fingers all over the hair.
    5. Wash your hair cleanly by using your fingers to seperate your hair.
    6. Apply hair conditioner all over your hair. Note that some hair conditioner need to wait for 1 a certain time like Sunsilk hair conditioner need to wait for 1 minute.
    7. Lastly is wash your hair. Now you are able to feel that your hair is smooth and soft.
    8. Dry your hair gently with towel.
    9. Dry your hair with hair dryer to make your hair seperate (not stick together).
    Now even you not using any styling product, your hair also will be a very smooth natural condition.

    Let say you are rushing to class and you do not have the time to style your hair, just use your hand to simply rub your hair, it will still look nice. Honestly, this is what I am doing... XD

    But, if you are going to any party or event, do make sure you must spend some time to style your hair. It representing some respect to people and also to yourself.

    There is some hair styling product where you can use. Wax or rubber and hair foam or hairspray. Please do not use gel or hair cream...

    Well, I mention before in my post that I will introduce a new product which is TRESemme hairspray.

    Before I using this brand, I was using Gatsby where most of the guys nowaday aware of it. I trying out this new hairspray and it is very good. In my opinion is it is better than Gatsby hairspray. It have a very nice smell and it hold your hair so hard while showing a very natural look. I am more in using hairspray rather than wax nor rubber neither hair foam because I found that it is more easier and more faster to style my hair.

    I not dare to say I am good in hair styling because there is two experts in my class - Wen Jing and Sing Yoong. But, I still can give some guide on how to style your hair using hairspray.

    1. Start to style your preferable hair style by using your hand.
    2. Shake the can well before use it and hold it 10 -12 inches away from your hair.
    3. Spray some to your hair while another hand help to maintain the style.
    4. You may spray on your hand and style your hair. This step is to fix your hair that is not in the condition.
    5. Overall, roughly spray the whole hair without touching your hair.
    The outcome is your hair will stay in the shape where you are not advice to touch it anymore.

    If yo wish that you can change your style at anytime, then you may use wax or rubber. You may change your hairstyle all the time because rubber will not hold your hair strong.

    Well, I hope guys can really spend some time in taking good care of their hair... Please look fresh and look smart!

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