Monday, September 26, 2011

Yui Hairstyles

    Born on June 11, 1988, Aragaki Yui is a popular Japanese model, actress, and singer. She is known for her roles in the Japanese dramas "Dragon Zakura" and "Code Blue". Aragaki Yui is indeed gorgeous and possesses a beautiful smile.

    Aragaki Yui wears a long hairstyle that is straight and has a thinner kind of volume. Although she possesses an oval shaped face,she puts her fringes to the side and emphasizes her forehead.

    Aragaki Yui sometimes thins up her layers to refrain from emphasizing too much of her top head, since she has an oval shaped face.

    Aragaki Yui is recognized for her long, thin hairstyle that is a little bit below her shoulder level. She has a great example of a flexible long haircut, because it does not contain a huge volume. One can easily tie it up or create other styles out of this long haircut.

    Except that she has the hairstyle that belongs to an

    Her hairstyle makes her looks cute and modern.

    Her hairstyle makes her looks cute and modern.

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Yui Hairstyles

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